Redbourne’s starting point is: what do customers need, not, what do other companies do? It is this focus and rigour that Redbourne applies to every problem it tackles. The advantage we offer is our cross industry experience helps us identify opportunities and applications in one industry that may be a boon to another. Yet, aside from smart business solutions, customers want the fundamentals taken care of.


We take seriously our responsibility for looking after our client’s information and interests. We enact the highest security levels vetted by independent bodies and maintain integrity of data.  We have checks and balances in place to ensure our solutions operate as they should. We understand clients need to be able to trust us with their information assets and delivery of their key business processes and we uphold that trust.

Customer Service

It’s human nature that people want to speak to people not machines. Our customer service hotlines are in Australia. We have a track record of answering 80% of calls within 20 seconds and resolving 80% of those calls at first contact. For specific client engagements we do what has to be done to make those engagements and clients successful – be that scaling up quickly, having higher benchmarks in place, identifying the bigger picture and better risk management. Part of our professionalism includes following Prince II project management principals for all major projects.


Many organisations get bogged down with day-to-day administration. They need help with the routine. At Redbourne we are strong on administration, support and infrastructure, providing an outsourced solution for many back-office processes – often the jobs that people don’t enjoy doing but need done. We understand what clients want with regards to administration management: an agreed standard, done on time at the lowest possible price.


We look after our own people to ensure our company can deliver the solutions and support our clients need to operate professionally and thrive in their businesses. We recognise our team of people are at their best when they are full engaged. Core to our approach is respect, inspired challenges, flexibility and community. We recognise that our people need and want to combine their work with their personal commitments and that a strong sense of community at work is important. Ours is a relaxed office environment with strong communication.