When Redbourne Founder and Managing Director, Stephen Menhinnitt, launched the company in 2000 he drew on his experience in working for large corporates wanting to maximise the benefits and minimise the shortcomings of that world. The benefits included efficiencies that come with a certain size and streamlined processes. The challenges were to ensure a consistent, personal and high-standard of customer service and quality. Those were elements he wanted to nurture in his company, with his staff, and play out in the solutions he delivered for clients.

Previously Stephen held senior management positions in Telstra, Mayne Nickless and Chubb Security and had been responsible for a diverse portfolio of profitable businesses that included a specialist consultancy practice, records management, parking enforcement and fines collection, training and recruitment, and an emergency and medical business unit. He had managed multi-million-dollar projects requiring the support and commitment of disparate organisations and divisions. Plus, he had personally managed and been an active supplier in some of the largest and most complex outsourcing ventures in Australia.

Redbourne’s Early Days

Winning some early government tenders – the Queensland Health Illicit drug diversion project for one – got Redbourne off to a strong start and has become the most successful solution of its kind in operation in Australia. “I’m not a developer,” admits Stephen. “I’m a creator, a problem solver. Working out solutions to problems really draws me in.”

What captivates Stephen is engaging with an industry that has not been well-served and doing what he can to provide the best possible solution at the best possible price.

“I’m a creator, a problem solver. Working
out solutions to problems really draws me in.”

“Technology giants ignore the little fellow,” says Stephen. “In 2014 there were over 2 million businesses in Australia. Of those, 97.4% were small businesses (less than 20 employees and $2million in revenues) contributing around 35% of the value of the private sector. There are many vertical markets in Australia using manual or antiquated systems or making Microsoft office or MYOB fit as best it can.

“There are 55,000 registered and regulated charities in Australia with more than two-thirds having an annual income of less than $250,000, and increasing compliance and reporting requirements to secure funding. From the outset we wanted to provide SMEs and NFPs and NGOs with important business tools, with software systems equivalent in functionality to big business solutions at a price small businesses could afford.”

Software for NFPs, NGOs and SMBs

“The first focus area for us was the childcare sector, looking at how processes could be improved. In five short years we went from nowhere to processing childcare subsidies for almost 1 in six parents across Australia, obviously striking a chord with service providers. Our next sector was health and community services – many NFPs and NGOs who provide care and case management for hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged Australians. We created rediCASE to help them with that. We see other industries that are of substantial market size that could benefit immensely from affordable custom solutions. It’s a matter of being very clear about what we can offer, how it would transform the sector and being very good at that.”

Along the way Redbourne has identified a host of business processes that organisations needed help with: payroll, administration, transaction processing, data management, customer service. Today the organisation has a flourishing Business Services division (rediBIZ), a vibrant company culture that thrives on simplification, and a reputation for pioneering products and services that help businesses save time, money and resources.

An Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Stephen also holds an MBA and Bachelor of Administration degrees.

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