The Redbourne Group is one of Australia’s leading application development and support service providers. Here’s a quick snapshot of who we are.

Founded in Brisbane in 2000 with offerings in the police, health and community services sectors, Redbourne soon expanded to deliver a range of in-demand Business Process Outsourcing services. The company entered the childcare industry in 2008 with the acquisition and upgrade of Child Care Central.  Within five years it became one of Australia’s largest childcare software providers with a product range servicing all sectors of the childcare industry.

Today the company provides application development and support services across Australia with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne. Specifically, the company excels at:

  • Market leading commercial applications across childcare, health and community sectors
  • Custom software development with 20 years’ experience providing solutions to federal and state government agencies, private enterprises and NFPs
  • A range of administration and project coordination services to clients across multiple industries and government agencies, including managing contact centres and data management through Redbourne Business Services
  • Financial transaction services that thousands depend on each day
  • Service and Support with a large Australian team that provides hotline assistance, training and mentoring on and offsite.

Custom Software Solutions

The Redbourne Group is fast becoming one of Australia’s most innovative software developers. The company has a reputation for identifying unserved market needs and developing easy-to-use, robust and sophisticated solutions that dramatically improve essential business processes.

When it comes to developing custom solutions in response to private or government contracts, Redbourne’s starting point is: what do customers need, not, what do other companies do? It is this focus and rigour that Redbourne applies to every problem it tackles. The advantage we offer is our cross-industry experience helps us identify opportunities and applications in one industry that may be a boon to another. Yet, aside from smart business solutions, customers want the fundamentals taken care of.

Additionally, we have a lot of existing frameworks that can be easily and quickly tweaked to ensure a fast-custom solution that operates in the cloud for fast roll-out and maintenance. These frameworks include: contact databases, document management, quality plan, policy libraries, workflow, scheduling and more.

Industry-specific Commercial Applications

The company’s market leading commercial applications include:

Specialists in BPO & Admin Services

Redbourne Business Services provides affordable Business Processing Outsourcing for organisations of all sizes:

  • Contact Centres: Delivering great customer satisfaction
  • Financial Transactions: Global financial transactions capabilities that thousands depend on
  • Payroll: Pay on time every time – no worries
  • Data Management: Making the most of your data assets
  • And More

Many organisations get bogged down with day-to-day administration. They need help with the routine. At Redbourne we are strong on administration, support and infrastructure, providing an outsourced solution for many back-office processes – often the jobs that people don’t enjoy doing but need done. We understand what clients want with regards to administration management: an agreed standard, done on time at the lowest possible price.

Better Customer Service

People who use Redbourne products and services can get on with their core competencies and doing the work they love to do rather than being bogged down in paperwork. They can operate in a more professional environment knowing processes have been streamlined to operate as efficiently as possible. This often means being able to engage more with their staff and customers in more personal and productive ways. With new technology advances, such as data warehousing, smartphones, SMS, tablet PCs and e-signatures, Redbourne has been quick to support them in their major offerings and is committed to ensuring their products embrace current technology and standards.

Synonymous with Redbourne’s technological excellence and market astuteness is their outstanding customer service record. Across Australia, the Redbourne Group’s staff are admired for their friendliness, patience, responsiveness and resolutions. It all adds up to enhanced value reinforcing the leadership quality of their premier commercial brands.

Latest Developments

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