Discover how our corporate values have shaped us and the many ways we truly are different.

Redbourne’s culture is based on respect, integrity, community, compassion, flexibility and innovation.

Respect in the work place is demonstrated by culture of professionalism and camaraderie, particularly in high pressure situations and by allowing all staff to express opinions, ideas and innovation, including reward and recognition.

Redbourne’s reputation is built on a history of government relationships with services such as Health and Policing where honesty and integrity is essential to maintaining valued partnerships. A commitment to community has developed further as Redbourne assists not-for-profit agencies (often with limited resources) to meet competitive standards, business processing and technology standards. As part of this we provide fixed quoting for a year and we don’t penalise our clients for adding extra licenses that might tip them over their quota. We understand it’s important for them to have budget certainty for each year. We don’t nitpick over contracts. We invariably throw in extras.

Compassion is a priority in the day to day customer servicing of our clients. Many of our clients in the child care sector are small, single service / family run businesses, often from CALD backgrounds with English as a second language. Redbourne’s customer service support lines are serviced in Australia and allow customers to speak directly with subject matter experts, not chatbots or automated responses. Staff always strive to assist customers in their day to day business operations, even when the support may be outside the scope of the software we supply. This goes to the heart of service and our care and commitment to our clients and each other.

It’s also a mark of the importance we place on flexibility with our clients and staff and software solutions. Many alternative software systems force their customers to work their way – we don’t. We work hard to understand how and why you like to and need to work a certain way, and develop our software to suit.

As an information technology company, innovation is a core business driver. We strive to make our clients’ organisations better through innovative products and service delivery. We applaud initiative and self-drive, the eagerness to learn and the ability to problem solve in all that we do. We are constantly upskilling and updating technology, infrastructure and technical skill sets and consistently provide quick, solution based responses in the changing environment of a sector or within a single service.

Lastly a note about our people. We are nothing without our people.

We look after our own people to ensure our company can deliver the solutions and support our clients need to operate professionally and thrive in their businesses. We recognise our team of people are at their best when they are fully engaged on inspiring challenges. We recognise that our people need and want to combine their work with their personal commitments and that a strong sense of community at work is important. Ours is a relaxed office environment with strong communication and collaboration – and our people are loyal.

We care to
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Our Values

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Respect. Integrity. Community. Compassion. Flexibility. Innovation. People.

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