The Redbourne Group has close to 20 years’ experience providing a range of valuable services to business and government organisations to help their operations thrive.

Our core services include:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Business Processing Services and Back Office Administration
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • People Support

Plus we offer a host of market leading applications in childcare, case management, online payments and document management.

Custom Software Development

Our Custom Software Development team comprises Account Managers, Business Analysts and Software Developers across our offices in Brisbane and Melbourne servicing clients Australia wide.

Our team is responsible for developing market leading commercial applications as well as custom applications for government and private enterprises.

You can read more about our Custom Solutions here including our approach to custom software development and some of our major projects.

Some of these solutions involve a degree of people support in delivering key aspects and ongoing implementation as we have taken on a fully outsourced and long-term piece of work. In doing so we have made considerable investments in our technology infrastructure and people, which is of ongoing benefit to future clients. We have also developed a number of software modules that enhance business efficiency, such as EDMS (Electronic Document Management), Task Managers, Quality Management Systems and more.

Business Processing Services and Back Office Administration

Since its inception The Redbourne Group has excelled in business process outsourcing (BPO) through Redbourne Business Services, now known as rediBIZ.

Today, rediBIZ offers market-leading discreet and tailored BPO that encompasses:

Large Australian organisations right down to small and medium enterprises have been quick to appreciate the value of outsourcing their ancillary and in some cases even their core business processes. Such value is realised through improved quality and reliability of service and economic efficiencies.

Our commitment to incorporating useful technological advances ensures our business process services continue to hold value, providing maximum benefit and currency to clients.

Technology Infrastructure

As part of its Business Services offering Redbourne is able to use the following technologies to deliver Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Custom Solutions for clients:

  • Computer-Telephone Integration (CTI): integrates computer and telephone systems to manage contacts efficiently and accurately.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): enables significant reduction in call costs while not sacrificing systems security.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): enable clients to access required information and services via an automated infrastructure.
  • Sophisticated Contact Centre Management Software: real-time tracking of contact centre activity enables your business to understand client demands and generate easy-to-read and reliable standardised reports.
  • Multi-channel Communications (Phone, Email, SMS, and Internet): enables clients to access services in their preferred communication medium.
  • Online-access to Databases and Reporting Functions: enables your business to access and generate reports remotely to monitor the service and the effectiveness of the BPO solution.
  • Call/Contact Monitoring and Recording: maintain accurate records of client contact sessions including phone and email contacts.
  • Document Management System: create and manage a paperless office.
  • Electronic Form/Document Processing: reduce double entry and eliminate error whilst not altering current paper-based collection procedures.
  • Workflow Optimisation: customise resource allocation to maximise efficiencies while ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Data Management: the efficient capture and management of data to provide powerful reports and data visualisations.

People Support

For our clients we provide people support in 4 key ways:

  1. Exceptional account management teams for custom projects and implementations of our custom solutions and our market applications. Our team enjoy working with clients to design the optimal solution.
  2. Highly experienced contact centre staff to manage contact centres on behalf of our clients.
  3. Highly experienced administration experts to manage back-office support functions for clients.
  4. Possibly the largest support team ratio in the Australian technology business with around 50% of our staff being in support roles here in Australia. This is because our clients span very small business with limited IT knowledge to large government tender contracts. We are committed to providing a quality experience and a quality service to all our clients regardless of their size. This is one of the ways we care to be different.

Our strength in people support goes to the heart of our company and our values, including the value we place on our staff and how we empower and support them. Learn more about our values and what makes Redbourne different here.

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