rediBIZ, our Redbourne Business Services’ arm, has been providing cost-effective processing and back office support services for Australian clients since 2003.

Businesses exist to market a unique product and solution – something they are passionate about and specialists in.

Administration around those business offerings and staffing comes with the territory. However, many organisations get bogged down with day-to-day administration or operate with outdated systems. They need help with the routine.

At Redbourne we are strong on administration, support and infrastructure, providing an outsourced solution for many back-office processes – often the jobs that people don’t enjoy doing but need done. We understand what clients want with regards to administration management: an agreed standard, done on time at the lowest possible price.

Which is why it makes good business sense to outsource administration to a business partner who has highly efficient and streamlined systems. The outcome is improved business profitability and productivity.

rediBIZ Admin Offering

Our Australian back office administration services are modular and include:

(1) For fee collection and reminders
(2) Includes data analysis and reporting
(3) Includes statement generation, accounts receivable and payable, and bank statement reconciliation

Benefits of using rediBIZ Back Office Support Service

Outsourcing your business processes will:

  • reduce costs (save in office space and staff costs – only paying for the services we do not a minimum hour commitment)
  • let you leverage our investments and skill in modern technology systems
  • let you concentrate on your core business and strategic priorities

This gives you breathing and head space to improve your competitive offering and target new customers or markets. You can get to spend more time on your business rather than in your business.

You can drive growth, increase profits and improve customer service. And we can support you through those stages with fast and quality support when you need it.

Our rediBIZ Services offer great flexibility according to your budget requirements and shifting needs:

  • Adhoc Outsourced Services
  • Specific functions or part-managed outsourcing services
  • Fully-managed outsourcing services

Experienced and available administrator

Our staff are based at our head-office in Brisbane, Australia and can work with you as required in your time zone.

With our staff managing the administration of your business it can operate smoothly for 52 weeks of the year.

There is no risk of down time when your staff are sick, on leave or on training.

You do not have to worry about whether you meet all your regulatory requirements on time, because we can take care of that.

There is no risk that you might be taken advantage of financially by not having the time to be fully across your staff and your business. We operate to the highest professional standards are dedicated to helping you run a highly successful business.

At rediBIZ we have experience in providing back office support Australia-wide to a number of clients over a number of years.

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