Our rediDOCS electronic document management system (EDMS) is an easy to use software program that lets organisations easily create, store, control and manage documents electronically.

Inbuilt Form & Report Builder

The software has an advanced, flexible electronic form builder with a reporting engine that can integrate with data elements unique to any business. It can be hosted by Redbourne or deployed within internal IT environments

rediDOCS was initially incorporated into our childcare and rediCASE software products as a customisable Electronic Document Management System that ensured the capture of essential data for each entity and easy search and retrieval.

It is now offered as a stand-alone solution for organisations or in-house software developers wanting to have a fast and reliable form and report builder.

rediDOCS makes fast work out of building standard pro-forma documents, by enabling document creators to drag and drop fields into forms which then can become populated by the end-user, with a number of fields often being automatically populated.

There is scope to include context sensitive help tips on the form, as well as apply conditional data items (e.g. if the age of the person is 20, then display additional questions).

Automating Workflow

The rediDOCS product also facilitates workflow rules based upon the responses to questions on the electronic form. Either yourself or a Redbourne staff member can setup the workflow rules and document security, taking into account escalation, and document approval requirements.

As part of the automation process, rediDOCS will route documents along to the next person (within or even outside of your business) needing to work with them, for example a medical referral letter. This saves organisations and their wider networks, considerable time while improving efficiencies and aiding compliances and quality measures.

The solution can also import documents, emails, certificates of identification and so on. rediDOCS is also capable of managing very large volumes of documents and having those documents branded with your own brand identity.

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