Since 2001 the Redbourne Group has won numerous government contracts and established strong and supportive relationships with many government agencies.

Our expertise in providing outsourced technology and people-based solutions for local, state and federal government has largely been across health, police, community and childcare sectors.

Our software and people solutions in these areas reinforce Redbourne’s expertise in mission critical applications.

Highlights include:


Delivering a 5 year hotline service for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA).

Securing Queensland cross agency contracts co-funded by various federal government department priorities, namely:

  • An initiative under the Australian government’s National Binge Drinking Strategy and part of the federal Health and Aging Contract in association with Queensland Health and other agencies to deliver QEIPP (See 2011 QEIPP Project under State.)
  • the National Drug Strategy 2010 – 2015 (See 2014 DAAR Project under )

Under the federal government’s PHN initiative, in 2017 we were appointed after tender by a number of federal government Primary Health Networks to provide referral case management and reporting software services for mental health patients.


In 2001 we were appointed by Queensland Health, to manage the Queensland Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative (QIDDI).  To this day we still hold the contract for this Diversion Coordination program.

In 2011 we managed the Queensland Early Intervention Pilot Program (QEIPP), a referral hotline for the Queensland Police Service funded by the Australian government Department of Health and Aging as a harm minimisation initiative, designed to address alcohol misuse amongst Queensland youth under 17 years of age. This hotline service aimed to help youth take personal responsibility for their drinking behaviour.

In 2014, after public tender, we were appointed to deliver the Drug & Alcohol Assessment Referral (DAAR) Service for Queensland Health as part of the Queensland Government’s Safe Night Out Strategy and federal health agency priorities. This service is a telephone co-ordination and case referral service and now involves the Queensland Police and the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General.

In 2015 we were appointed by Queensland Police following a public tender to QLD Police Referrals, helping vulnerable and at risk Queenslanders, a contract we still administer today.

In 2017, we executed an agreement with the South Australia government to provide software for use across their network of Family Day Care and Rural Child & Respite Care Services.


Across Australia, several local councils use our software solutions to underpin the network of childcare services provided for local communities.


On behalf of a number of our NGO clients we have liaised with various state and government departments to facilitate within our software the easy collection for reporting purpose of mandatory government data. This has involved incorporating mandatory data sets for selection at the point of all client/patient engagement to simplify and automate government reporting. This is an essential step in the acquittal of funding and in securing future funding.

In the childcare sector we have and continue to work with the Federal Department of Human Services to incorporate Child Care Subsidy data into our software programs used by a host of childcare providers and educators. We also advocate on behalf of our clients to government.

Our Strengths in Government Contracts

Key delivery aspects of our government contracts include:

  • Speed to Market with custom technology and people—based solutions delivered in short-time frames if required
  • Sector Expertise – we only tender for jobs where we have subject matter experts who can add significant value to the solution proposed
  • Budget Certainty – we look to develop cost-effective solutions adding more value where we can
  • Equal focus on key stakeholders: a) the end user, the public, and b) the reporting and administration requirements of the nominated government agency
  • Secure, always up / available software solutions
  • Customer Service – we are always responsive and respectful to all we liaise with
  • Continuous Improvement – we look to identify better ways of doing things and implementing solutions with government client approval
  • Full Transparency and Accountability

In many cases, these aspect are parts of our core values and the value our people bring to any engagement. It’s part of the way we care to be different.

We are always open and happy to work with government agencies. We have experience in working with government and in delivering robust solutions on time and with the right people dedicated to each project

For potential government – and even corporate clients – our experience in government spells peace of mind. To be awarded sizeable contracts, the company must meet a number of minimum standards, such as:

  • IT and data security to a level suitable for holding and managing government health and police data.
  • A software development process that delivers trusted and reliable systems.
  • Back-up resources in software development and customer support.
  • Software products that are up to date with modern practices, frameworks and tool sets.
  • A professional approach to software development and product support.
  • Ongoing financial viability.

We care to
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