First Outsourced Service Coordination Project

In 2011, the Redbourne Group secured a joint Queensland Police Service and federal Health and Aging Contract to deliver a technology and human services solution to assist under-age drinkers in Queensland.

The Outsourced Service Coordination Solution was to deliver QEIPP – Queensland Early Intervention Pilot Program – an initiative under the Australian government’s National Binge Drinking Strategy. Redbourne developed the technology solution for QEIPP. The solution worked in partnership with Queensland Health and other agencies (Communities, Justice, and Education) to encourage youth (under 18) to focus on personal responsibility and foster healthy attitudes towards alcohol consumption. Police and parents/guardians and youth themselves were able to call the QEIPP hotline to book a free awareness session with a qualified health professional. As part of the contract Redbourne provided monthly statistics and other compliance material to state and federal departments.

Second Outsourced Service Coordination Project

In 2015 the Redbourne Group was awarded the contract for a revamped state-wide Queensland Police Referrals Program. The program enables the Queensland Police Service to take a more proactive role through frontline staff connecting at-risk clients to approved external support service providers – in many cases before a major crisis or issue emerges.

It came about after a major rethink of police-public relations and how best to provide greater outcomes to at risk and vulnerable people – ‘clients.’ The solution enables police to refer clients to a diverse range of Service Providers that can assist with over 23 Referral issues or situations:

  1. Aged Support
  2. Alcohol misuse
  3. Court Support for victims of crime
  4. Crime Prevention
  5. Disability support
  6. Domestic and family violence (aggrieved)
  7. Domestic and family violence (respondent)
  8. Drug Misuse
  9. Gambling
  10. Homelessness
  11. Identity Theft
  12. Legal advice
  13. Mental health
  14. Neighbour disputes
  15. Office of Fair Trading
  16. Parenting children / youth
  17. Personal Counselling
  18. Road trauma
  19. Sudden death support
  20. Suicide prevention – non emergency
  21. Support for youth
  22. Victims assists – financial assistance for violent crimes
  23. Victims support

Redbourne’s Solution Overview

In fulfilling this government contract, the Redbourne Group worked in cooperation with the Queensland Police Service team to design a process that integrated with an existing Queensland government system.

Any police officer in the field can recommend a referral service to people at risk or in need. Once they consent, the police officer can then provide their details to an approved external service provider via the Police Referrals System. Officers generate referrals through their internal QPRIME Police System – entering client details, verifying information is correct and then completing the referral information. The referral is then routed to an appropriate service provider whereby they make a number of attempts at contact within specified time frames before closing off the referral.

When referred, a client will receive an SMS (where safe to do so) to advise who will be contacting them within the next 2 business days. The referring officer will also receive an email to advise them the referral has been successfully generated.

Service providers can use the software at their end to case manage and report on the referrals that come their way.

As part of our Outsourced Service Coordination service we also manage a Referral’s Hotline, website and communications schedule with all service providers on behalf of the Queensland Police. Each year through this service over 10,000 appointments are arranged with over 100 allied health and other service providers across Queensland.

“The Queensland Police Referral service is grateful for the service partnership we have with the Redbourne Group in delivering our Police Referrals program. By being able to provide much needed practical assistance to vulnerable people, we are hopeful of long-term better outcomes for many Queenslanders while also reducing victimisation and recidivism.”

Declan McNamara
Project Manager / Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit / Community Engagement Group / Community Contact Command  / Queensland Police Service

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