The Redbourne Groups is a privately owned Australian business originating in Queensland that has been providing innovation in information technology products and administration (back-office) support for nearly 20 years.

In every state and mainland territory across Australia, clients use Redbourne’s market leading applications and custom telephone and software solutions every day as they go about their business.

Our clients include:

  • Long term tendered government contracts requiring stringent delivery of product and service standards with proven value for money
  • Large and small non-government organisations including not-for-profits that require customised, bespoke solutions within limited budget
  • Thousands of small and family businesses across Australia

We are proud to be recognised as a key supplier and value the strong client-supplier relationships we have.

“Our relationship with Redbourne, the developers of rediCASE, is one of the best supplier relationships we have and it has been a key feature of our success and growth. In the past 6 years we have tripled our operational budget, become a lead partner agency in a Melbourne based community health consortium and increased clients under case management from 1500 to 8000 per annum.”

Dr. Stefan Gruenert, CEO, Odyssey House Victoria

“After 40 years in the operation of multiple childcare centres I cannot understand why any operator would not use your solution. It is innovative and the willingness of the operators to incorporate our special needs into the solution has never been offered by any other provider who has contacted us to provide software.”

Multiple Long Day Care Sites Owner, NSW

“The coordination and appointment processes managed by the Diversion Coordination Service are universally acknowledged as being of an excellent standard and have contributed greatly to the efficiency of the program.”

Queensland Health 2003

“Redbourne does take an interest in our business and they are learning more about our needs and the needs of other residential treatment providers as time goes on. The biggest benefit to rediCASE has been the ability to operate a paperless office that is available online and to automate and simplify the government data reporting process. The savings have stretched to paper, office supplies, printers, photocopy etc. It’s hard to quantify the value of these reductions but they are substantial.”

Paul Hutchinson, General Manager, ONE80TC (Teen Challenge)

“We find Redbourne programs make our day-to-day operation of childcare centres far easier. They simplify administration and improve workflow, saving time and money. They allow for our centres to be operated with many checks on efficiency in place, which enables external management and financial control of multiple centres.”

Multiple Childcare Centre Owner, NSW

“Service and Support is an area where I feel that you excel. I never have any trouble getting in touch with your help desk and the phone attendant is always friendly and helpful. When I was first learning the system your help desk was FANTASTIC! I give you very high marks in this area.”

Assistant Director, NSW Preschool

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