We take seriously our responsibility to provide highly-secure software solutions and to securely manage our client’s information and interests. We do this in a number of ways:

Global Security Standards

We enact the highest security levels vetted by independent bodies and maintain integrity of data. For example, our payment software is compliant with PCI-DSS Security Standards for payment account data security. We are regularly audited by an external validator to ensure compliance with PCI-DSS.

Government Clearance

Since 2001 we have held numerous government contracts. To be awarded such sizeable contracts, the company must meet a number of standards, including financial viability and IT and data security to a level suitable for holding and managing government health and police data.

Software Integrity

We have checks and balances in place to ensure our solutions operate as they should.  Our software testing processes include both unit and full regression testing before updates are released to our customers. Source code reviews are conducted regularly to ensure development standards are being applied.

Personal Data & Privacy

Redbourne and its products collect a vast amount of personal and sensitive information from clients related to their demographics, health and finances. We have stringent measures in place to protect the security of that information. We fully adhere to privacy regulations and data breach compliance requirements. You can read more about our polices here.


Clients are often mandating that their data must be held within Australia. All of our software solutions are hosted in one of Australia’s largest and most secure Data Centres. Threat detection and prevention measures are in place, together with detailed logging and audit trails.

Business Continuity

In addition to daily data back-ups, production data is snapshotted at regular intervals throughout the week day and stored in a second Australian location with disaster recovery capabilities.

Staff Vetting

All Redbourne staff undergo an initial police check, which is updated every two years Most staff, including software engineers, are also required to maintain an active Working with Children clearance.

Security Mindset

We take the threat of cyber-security very seriously. In addition to internal data security audits, we adopt a Security Mindset and have an ongoing hacker testing of our solutions to identify and fix any security weaknesses.

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