The Redbourne Group has been providing world-class financial services and payment technology for over a decade to the childcare sector and as part of government end-to-end solutions.

As a result, we have the technology and experience to provide any sector, government department or business with cost-effective, global-standard payment services to improve financial transactions.

Financial Transaction Services

In 2003, the Redbourne Group launched Redbourne Business Services to simplify and automate an organisation’s financial transactions and to provide better online payment methods for businesses.

Our solutions can record all financial transactions; produce BAS tax statements and other Financial Statements such as Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss; and manage all electronic funds transfer via our secure PCI compliant electronic gateway payment facilities. They also enable direct debit, BPAY and credit card charges and reversals.

Each day Redbourne transacts over hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients.

Payment Technology

Our payment gateway is delivered via our redPAY offering.

It enables organisations to take control of how and when they collect payments for their products and services, ensuring a lower-cost of doing business, improved cash-flow and a competitive advantage.

In many cases the associated fees that our clients and end clients pay are less than what is charged by other financial intermediaries.

With redPAY, clients have access to comprehensive easy-to-read reports on every aspect related to payments.

Furthermore, through API technology, our payment gateway software can be seamlessly integrated and automated with industry specific and or key business management software. This ensures update-to-date overviews of your key financial position while saving money and time in financial data analysis and entry.

Smarter Online Payment Methods for Busines

redPAY enables highly secure, real time payments via Direct Debit, BPAY, Credit Card and via secure online payment portals – and thus meets customer expectations for convenient and popular ways to pay.

The technology gives organisations the ability to offer greater payment flexibility in the way people pay their bills, which typically results in payments being made faster.

Organisations will benefit from happier customers, save money on banks fees, have access to better financial data and know they are an entity that is moving with the times.

For any organisation or developer looking for a modern, easier solution for financial transactions, take a closer look at redPAY.

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