redPAY Payment Gateway

redPAY delivers powerful online payment methods for businesses – small and large.

It allows operators to be more competitive and provides an alternative to the big banks. Fully integrated with Child Care Central and Harmony Web Software platforms, redPAY allows customers to pay using their preferred payment method – which in most cases adds up to bills being paid faster.

Facilitates popular payment methods

As an advanced electronic payment processing gateway redPAY facilitates real time, Direct Debit and BPay payments, providing numerous electronic banking benefits to organisations and their clients.

It can be used by any organisation or industry wanting to offer the most popular payment methods available. For example, thousands of childcare entities across Australia use redPAY to facilitate their cashflow, with the payment gateway seamlessly integrating with their core software program.

Compliant with PCI-DSS Security Standards, the Redbourne Group undergoes an independent audit each year to ensure the software complies with global standards and any updates. The PCI-DSS is a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security developed and updated by the founding payment brands of the PCI Security Standards Council.

Provides numerous high-value benefits

For organisations that transact regular financial payments from their clients redPAY enables them to stay competitive and provide acceptable standards of customer service through convenient payment options.

Smart software that enables credit card payment, debit card payment, direct debit, BPAY, e-invoice and via a website portal.

One of the best outcomes of this fully automated payment gateway system is that it enables business owners to get paid on time, reducing bad debts and ensuring cashflow.

It provides unmatched flexibility in enabling customers to pay their account or fees via a number of avenues, with flexible billing dates and flexible frequency to support the cash flow requirements of a business.

At the same time redPAY helps any business or government entity move to a paperless environment and streamline important business processes.

Visit our redPAY website to discover more on this exciting technology and how it can save your business money while making your organisation easier to do business with.

After 10 years in market redPAY has proven itself as one of the most reliable online payment methods for small businesses, large businesses, not-for-profits and government agencies.

Make business easier with redPAY online payments

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