The Redbourne Group is a leading Australian provider of custom software development with over a decade’s experience delivering bespoke solutions to federal and state government agencies as well as market leading commercial applications. The spheres that the company operates in are the most sensitive, secure areas of information processing – police, health, financial transactions and childcare. The company is the number two provider of software solutions to the Australian childcare industry, with four major brands, having first entered the sector only five years ago.

Four key elements inform our software development

  • Innovation
  • Involvement of industry experts
  • Market research and ongoing feedback
  • Usability testing to map intuitiveness

Redbourne’s most significant custom solutions, developed through major government tender appointments, span

  • Health: DCS – Diversion Coordination Service
  • Police: QEIPP – Queensland Early Intervention Pilot Program
  • Family/Community Services: CCAH – Childcare Access Hotline

These are fully outsourced, sector-specific solutions with full training and support for users of the web-based applications.

The Redbourne Group is strong in the provision of corporate and business services and has component and framework solutions that can be quickly deployed to fast track other custom requirements, for example quality management systems and governance applications. With our understanding of business processes and skills in automation, Redbourne can rapidly develop professional and quality solutions that dramatically improve processes saving time and money for clients.

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