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5 July 2017.


Since opening its doors 40 years ago to help treat drug and alcohol addiction, Odyssey House NSW has grown in numerous ways as it seeks to build safe and healthy communities. The organisation provides a diverse range of services from The Withdrawal Unit, Parents and Children’s Program, MERIT (Magistrates Early Referrals Into Treatment program), residential rehabilitation, numeracy and literacy education and community based services.

In April 2017, following the acquisition of Blacktown addiction counselling organisation, Bridges Incorporated, by Odyssey House NSW, the organisation moved into community-based services as part of its strategy to make their proven drug rehabilitation expertise more widely available to people.

Former Bridges Executive Officer, Gail Davies, now Odyssey House Community Services Manager – North and West Regions, first made Redbourne case management system, rediCASE, available to staff in July 2015, after investigating how its sister organisation, Odyssey House Victoria, was using the program.

“Even though we were a smaller organisation as Bridges Incorporated, we still had clients who would move to a different suburb and want to go to another one of our sites for their treatment,” said Gail.

“By using rediCASE our staff, no matter their location, could access all the information and treatment history for each client. That was a big plus.

Today, Odyssey House NSW which operates across the whole of Sydney, has 25 staff using rediCASE to support a likely 2000 clients a year in community day-based programs.

“Our experience with rediCASE at Bridges Incorporated enabled Odyssey House NSW to decide to use rediCASE as our client database for all our Community Services locations as it is a sophisticated, reliable, system that met the needs of data collection, and reportage. This has ensured our sustainability and also means we can potentially offer our programs to more people across Sydney, drawing on our expertise in alcohol and other drugs treatment,” she said.

Further details on their rediCASE implementation can be found here.