This time last year is very different from the environment we are currently living and working in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many employees have had to adjust to new surroundings, learning new technology, and balancing the responsibilities of work and family. Some have enjoyed the change as they have never experienced working from home, however, after a long period of working remotely the novelty can wear off.

The Redbourne Group team wanted to share a few of their own tips with you to make working from home that little bit easier.

  1. Keep yourself to regular work hours. You may feel obliged to work longer hours or be online, however, you will wear yourself out very quickly.
  2. Keep work time and personal time separate, just like you would when you worked in the office.
  3. Have background noise. We were used to this with people talking, typing, printer sounds, for instance, we put the TV or radio on low volume.
  4. Make sure to plan your workflow as you would in the office.
  5. Break up the day! Take your lunch break as normal, get some fresh air, and stand up and walk around your place to get your blood and mind flowing again.
  6. Yes, most of us initially stayed in our pajamas and when we had to jump on a Zoom call, we changed our tops. However, we started to feel unmotivated. A way that helped was to dress like we were heading into the office.
  7. Create an at-home office that will motivate you. Bring in nature, incorporate personal objects, create a comfy zone, and customize your lighting.
  8. No roomies allowed, set those boundaries! This means with kids, spouse, roommates, and even pets. Having an easily excited pet can be quiet distracting, especially if you have a dog who jumps up on your lap and starts squeaky their toy in a zoom meeting …
  9. Stay in the loop. Keep up on a personal level as well as a professional level with your co-workers.

Redbourne Group is an Australian owned software as a service company, located in Brisbane. Our major brands include Child Care Central CCS Software, Harmony Web CCS Software, rediCASE, redPAY and Redbourne Business Services.



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