Redbourne’s Australian Contact Centre Service offerings are based on over a decade’s experience in providing 24/7 national and state hotlines handling up to several hundred thousand of calls annually.

We have a range of specialised expertise and technical knowledge to assist clients design, implement and manage contact centres Australia-wide.

Our contact centre staff are highly trained and onshore, located in our Brisbane head office. This is one of the ways we care to be different.  For new client engagements we ensure we have staff with suitable experience and expertise in your field, so they can hit the ground running with strong sector specific knowledge and terminology.

Management of Inbound and Outbound contact centre services 24/7/365

Redbourne has extensive experience in the management of contact centres across Australia. We guarantee that our highly trained customer service representatives will provide your clients with a customer-oriented service ensuring repeat customers. As part of this we aim to meet agreed service level standards including with a friendly and helpful tone.

Design and Deployment of Contact Centre Services

Redbourne is able to design and implement a contact centre solution to satisfy your requirements. In designing a contact centre solution, Redbourne evaluates your company, your requirements, and your customers to recommend a service offering to promote your organisation within your target market.

Multi-channel Customised Contact Centres (Telephone, VoIP, Internet, Email, Fax, SMS and Pop-up Chat)

Redbourne’s sophisticated technology platform ensures that we are able to communicate with all of your clients on a 24/7 basis – increasing your reach and conversion of customers. While Redbourne is experienced in providing contact centre solutions for large government organisations, we also provide contact centre solutions for smaller organisations needing to outsource elements of their business. The advantages of this is your organisation can provide a contact centre solution that offers the latest technology without you having to pay excessive amounts to use and maintain that technology – nor additional staff overhead and office space.

Helpdesk Facility

Redbourne’s helpdesk facility ensures your client’s are able to receive accessible and reliable assistance whenever it is required.

Customer Self-Service

Redbourne is able to implement a fully automated infrastructure solution to assist your customers to help themselves. Thereby saving costs and increasing client satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Surveys

Redbourne can perform customised quality assurance surveys to provide valuable feedback to your organisation.

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