Redbourne’s Data Management Services address the important business requirement of streamlining processing time and reducing expenditure. Often the bigger the organisation, the harder the challenge of managing their databases and other data records. Redbourne has developed sophisticated systems and procedures to meet the most complex of data management assignments.

The Critical Importance of Data Management

Many organisations don’t realise that data management is at the core of their business.

It impacts everything from sales to customer retention and experience, to operational productivity (such as duplication of data entry or IT systems, added IT requirements and expense, inadequate information for business decisions and planning), as well as regulatory compliance (and the toll that can take on all involved). It even impacts staff morale.

On the flipside, efficient and smart data management provides many advantages to business such as improved information to make decisions, manage costs, plan investments, develop new products and services to meet a market need.

It can add up to better operations and business potential, and better staff engagement.

Our data management services are designed to ensure that data within and outside an organisation is well managed and organised and easily accessible. Our expertise in this area comes from managing large volumes of sensitive data as part of government agency contracts.

Our Data Management Services

Data collection

Redbourne is able to collect and store transaction and activity data for your organisation. This data can range anywhere from customer transactions to accounts receivable, ensuring data is up to date and open queries are closed and validated.

Data cleansing

Redbourne is able to ensure the integrity of your data by reducing and merging duplicate client records, ensuring validation and saving your organisation money in database marketing.

Electronic Document Management

Redbourne possesses technology to simplify the capture, management and distribution of documents to maximise in-house efficiencies. This system ensures that your files are easily located and securely stored in an electronic format accessible 24/7.

Electronic form/document processing

This sophisticated system drastically reduces time and resources associated with double-entry. This solution enables current paper-based forms to be read via a software application and directly uploaded into the required database – reducing time and data-entry errors. It also includes a flexible and powerful form builder and report writer.

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