rediCASE is an Australian case management software solution for health and community services, providing solutions for providers or counseling, addictions, indigenous services, mental health and a range of other vital services.

It was launched in 2012 as Australia’s first web-based client case management software for a broad spectrum of service providers.  The software, however, had its origins in case management solutions that Redbourne had developed for government agencies over ten years earlier.

Today, rediCASE is purpose-built Australian case management software that assists organisations in their mission – to support clients undergoing treatment or various support services. It does this by simplifying all record, reporting and management aspects associated with patients (or clients) and practices.

rediCASE Suitability for Health, Community and many Other Sectors.

Thousands of clinicians, health, educational professionals and social workers at locations around Australia use rediCASE daily as it provides a fast and simple solution for:

  • establishing and maintaining client records easily
  • recording treatment and outcomes directly (case notes, treatment plans, clinical reports)
  • managing intake and appointments
  • producing real time client and practice activity reports
  • tracking and reporting on client outcomes
  • sending and receiving referrals electronically
  • meeting mandatory data set reporting requirements for various funding sources

The software is continually enhanced to accommodate user feedback, government requirements, technological innovations and other insights, including consortium delivery.

Since 2017 rediCASE has been used by various Primary Health Networks (PHNs) across Australia to provide referrers and GPs with a simple and convenient system to refer eligible clients into a mental health service commissioned by their local PHN. Click here for details.

In 2021, the Redbourne Group launched the rediCASE Community Support Program designed to support small not for profit organisations to use rediCASE to help improve their case file management, documentation, client data security and reporting outcomes. Click here for more details.

Paperless Environment Benefits

Due to their experience with the software, service providers are adopting the system for their own client management within their various practices. This is largely because rediCASE is a highly flexible and customisable solution that aside from case management also offers:

  • Scanned Docs

    Our document management library makes it easy to scan any documents / certificates etc. that are still paper-based, thus reducing storage and security concerns.

  • Automatic Invoices

    Pre-built invoice templates with intelligent fields make quick work of invoicing and when used with our integrated redPAY payment gateway can fast track payments.

  • Document Library

    Integration with our rediDOCS document management system gives organisations and users access to standard organisational templates and documents.

  • Report Oversight

    Numerous reports are available giving detailed management oversight of nearly every aspect of their operations, clients and cases.

Explore rediCASE and its suitability for a broad range of service providers

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