Harmony Web is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, CCS software platform used daily by thousands of Australian Family Day Care (FDC) and In Home Care (IHC) Service providers, their networks of self-employed childcare educators, and the parents whose children are in their care.

It is a single software platform that shares features, functions and modules between Services and Educators. At the same time it provides separate and relevant features for Services — and unique features of value to Educators, that only they can see and use.

Our popular Australian child care software makes the task of looking after children that much simpler through electronic timesheets, attendance records, database and reminder features. It also enables accurate childcare fee and childcare subsidy (CCS) estimate calculations alongside an easy to use income/expenditure accounts recording and reporting process to comply with government CCS reporting requirements, as well as BAS and other tax purposes.

Harmony Web has been a trusted solution in the childcare industry since 1985. In late 2011, Harmony joined the Redbourne Group to combine the experience and expertise of both companies in meeting future client requirements.

Since then the Redbourne Group has integrated three self-hosted versions of Harmony across different sectors of the childcare industry into one fully integrated system. It now processes over $1bn in childcare fees every year.

Harmony Web – Key Features

  • Parent and Child information – everything in one place.
  • CCS Information – always up to date and shareable with Educators.
  • Parent Portal – a secure place where parents interact with the service and the educator.
  • E-Signatures – electronic sign in and out signatures make processing a breeze.
  • Online Enrolments – reduce data entry and messy spreadsheets by going digital.
  • Program & Practice – designed for Educators and includes links to EYLF and MTOP.

Harmony Web for Educators – Key Features

  • E-Signatures (PINs) for parents to electronically sign in and out
  • Electronically submit timesheets
  • See current CCS% and changes
  • View current parent and child details
  • Access and download payment advices
  • Issue parent/guardian receipts and view running balances
  • A Program and Practice Module (optional) to record the learning journey of each child, linked to EYLF & MTOP. It can also be published securely to the Service’s Parental Portal

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