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Software solutions for health, police, community services and childcare highlight Redbourne’s expertise in mission critical applications

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Australian-developed software solutions and business services

The Redbourne Group is one of Australia’s leading specialist software and service providers. Its market leading commercial applications include:

  • Central Info Hub: All in 1 child-care system – quality, programming, HR, Parental Portals and more
  • Child Care Central: Advanced CCMS web software for early childhood service providers
  • KindCare: Integrated CCMS solution for centre-based childcare providers
  • Harmony: Software used by thousands of Australian childcare educators
  • rediCASE: Australia’s Premier Case Management System for health and community services
  • redPAY: Leading electronic payment gateway

While Redbourne Business Services provides affordable Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) for organisations of all sizes:

Custom Software Solutions

Redbourne has a solid track record for fast-tracking sophisticated solutions for Australian government agencies and large enterprises

Specialist in BPO & Admin

Redbourne’s expertise in administration and service delivery provides cost-effective solutions that enable organisations to focus on their core business.

Development Approach

When developing new applications Redbourne’s starting point is: what do customers need, not, what do other companies do?